Why swans speak for us

My step-daughter has been playing a swan in Swan Lake. She is a demi-soloist in the Slovene National Ballet. I asked her if she had the ambition to play the lead role of Odile/Odette.

“I could perform many of the soloists’ roles, but not this one. It is extremely technical and very hard on the feet. My feet could not do it,” she said.

That is why one of the great pleasures of Swan Lake is watching a corps de ballet of highly-talented dancers who do not quite have the physique to reach the top. In the old days, people came to watch the Kirov or Bolshoi perform Swan Lake  just for the delight of the perfectly harmonised supporting swans.

With one arm raised nobly towards the heavens and the face cast aside and downwards, the swans express the moment in our lives when we humbly accept that we shall never realise a higher ambition. Silently they speak for us all, and we are touched.

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  1. Japsoorgo Says:

    hi. great article!

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