20 cms of snow and UK airports close down – except one

20 cms of snows fell over night in the SE of the UK last Friday 18.12.09 and had stopped before dawn. Luton airport and the airlines however failed to get more than about half a dozen flights into the air by nightfall that day. I was one of the thousands of passengers checked in and waiting most of the  day before my flight was cancelled. My airline, Easyjet, refused to rebook passengers at the airport and closed their ticket counter at 1650.

“Severe weather” they all said. What “severe weather?” It was sunny all day.

My score: operational efficiency: 1 our of 10, communication with passengers 1 out of 10. Overall: a miserable experience.

Next day at Oxford Airport, its first ever international flight – Baboo to Geneva – took off on time, with mulled wine and mince pies served beforehand. What a difference! I could take the place I reserved 3 months ago for Don Giovanni at the Geneva Opera that evening. Fancy that: an airline which gets you there in time to do what you travelled for!

Not heard of Oxford Airport? It’s on my map now.

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