“Preserving the Liberties of EUROPE” – that’s what the Duke of Marlborough did

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Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The inscription on the triumphal column to the Duke of Marlborough, one of Britain’s greatest national heroes, says a purpose of his successful campaigns in the first decade of the 18th century was “preserving the Liberties of Europe.”

He was mainly intent on eliminating the threat of French hegemony in Europe. To do so, he engaged with like-minded continental allies. The inscription talks of “the Principal States of Europe being united in one common Cause” – the cause Marlborough pursued on behalf of Britain. His string of victories earned “The Admiration of other Nations.”

Today talk is of “repatriating powers from Europe” and perhaps even leaving the European Union altogether. The Government and a large part of the media pour scorn on all that is European and play up British particularity.

History should teach us this is dangerous and against our interests – quite apart from any obligation we may feel to behave responsibly and decently towards our neighbours.

After Marlborough engaged with Europe by forming alliances, Wellington did likewise to defeat Napoleon, as did British generals in World War I and Churchill in World War II

Each time, it was obvious the British had to. It is foolish to believe this is no longer the case. The rest of Europe wants Britain as a balance, and the experience of two World Wars should teach us that turning our back on these “faraway people about whom we know so little” is disastrous, not least for us.

In an era of spreading knowledge, Britons should look beyond their coasts and see what lies to the East, to the South and to the West. It is Europe. We sit on the same continental shelf and are part of it. Act European. Marlborough did.

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2 Responses to ““Preserving the Liberties of EUROPE” – that’s what the Duke of Marlborough did”

  1. Alistair Scott Says:

    I wish. I wish. Ever since the formation of the European Union a significant proportion of British – and probably the majority of the media – have been virulently anti-Europe. My brother-in-law is one of them. It’s painful to listen to him and pointless trying to reason. I just get ‘… straight bananas …’ thrown back at me.

    Much of Britain seems to be hell-bent in following the USA, with disastrous consequences.

  2. mferrar Says:

    Alistair, thanks. Actually, here in Oxford much fewer people are anti-Europe. In London I suspect it is the same. I was talking with an Indian professional working in London yesterday, and she said nobody in her office was British. They were all nationalities, including a good number of Europeans. She was mildly surprised I took all the backwoods stuff seriously. Still, it is out there, and influences the government and the media. Nice to hear from you.

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