New Year falls flat in Italian ski resort

The ski slopes in the Italian winter sports resort where I spent New Year were as full as ever, and on the streets the odd fur coat could still be seen. Crisis? What crisis?

But come New Year’s Eve, usually an excuse for unrivalled extravaganza, the hotel served up an aperitif from which alcohol was almost entirely absent. The dining room for the “Cenone”, the traditional New Year Eve’s dinner, was half empty. And when the clock struck 12, scarcely a single firework limped into the sky.

Madrid has turned from one of Europe’s most vibrant cultural capitals into a sad desert where young people make tapas to eat in their homes because they cannot afford to go out.

Is Italy now losing its exuberance too? Dread the thought.

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2 Responses to “New Year falls flat in Italian ski resort”

  1. byrdwords Says:

    An interesting post, Marcus. I cannot imagine anything Italian that did not have passion, whether it be .. well .. .passion, or clothing or food. To hear that they are having trouble dredging up enthusiasm (and/or the cash) for a New Years celebration is telling. Thanks, good post.


  2. quietoaktree Says:

    A cry of anguish or is it a whimper at the beginning of the end ?

    Before you return next year, ask if the tablecloths will be replaced with plastic place mats — that has probably also been discussed.

    –my sympathies–the only way is down when the pot-hole appears.

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