Actors should be heard – rule number 1

Saw Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” at the Oxford Playhouse last night. Saw, not heard, because those of us in the Circle could catch only around half the words spoken by actors of the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS).

The OUDS is a prestigious launching pad for professional acting careers. But perhaps they should first learn elocution. The Playhouse is also a venerable institution, but it should not charge full prices for wanna-be amateurs.

Was the play good? Dunno.

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One Response to “Actors should be heard – rule number 1”

  1. byrdwords Says:

    Marcus, I saw a university production of the same play not long ago and thought of this post of yours, for the production on this side of the pond had the same problem. Half of the dialogue was swallowed, not projected well enough to understand. For a play such as Arcadia, the dialogue is paramount. Costumes can be good, sets can be outstanding, but without the words it becomes an exercise in politeness fighting boredom. Was the same play over there in the colonies any good? I dunno either.

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