I don’t wear a poppy on Remembrance Sunday


A year ago, I accompanied my late father in commemorating Remembrance Sunday. He served for six years in the Second World War, including in the jungles of Burma.

Remembrance Sunday was created to remember the dreadful slaughter of young men in the First World War. I first joined in as a child, and this memory remains as touching as ever. We regretted war. We did not celebrate it.

My father always told me “no more war.” I think he had a right to be listened to.

I have respect and sympathy for soldiers who continue to die in wars. But I do regret that Britain continues to fight war after war, for purposes which are not entirely clear.

Remembrance Sunday has been turned into a celebration of today’s warfaring. My father was right, and this is wrong.

For that reason I do not wear a poppy.

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4 Responses to “I don’t wear a poppy on Remembrance Sunday”

  1. gpcox Says:

    Democracy gives the freedom to have your own opinion. Mine is, when the politicians decide to go to war – the military goes – the least we can do is give them one day of thanks for maintaining our way of life.

  2. Merryn Williams Says:

    I do agree, Marcus. And I find it interesting that while virtually everyone on television wears a poppy at this season, only a few of the people I see in the streets do – about one in fifteen is my calculation. I spent the two minutes’ silence this Monday standing outside the Peace Plaque in New Street. A lot of shoppers walked past.
    Like your father, my father and both my grandfathers took part in the two great wars and I had a great-uncle killed at Gallipoli. But they belonged to two generations of two young men who really didn’t have much choice and would much rather have been doing something else. That is not the case with young men who volunteer to join the army in peacetime.

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