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Sponsorship: beware of killing the goose that lays the golden egg

May 21, 2012

On Saturday I watched one of soccer’s great events, the European Cup final, which, as countless TV ads told me, was not so much football but an opportunity to Witness History with Mastercard.

In today’s Times is an advertisement for one of England’s top horse-races – the Derby. Or rather, as the ad put it, for the Investec Derby Festival, Horseracing’s Jewel in the Crown, Proud to be Part of the Diamond Jubilee’s Celebrations.

A glamorous female dominated the ad. No sign of a horse. Investec’s name appeared 15 times, Derby three times.

Sponsors should be careful not to wreck the popular culture at the heart of what they put their money into. Hyperbole, greed and commercialism may pile up the money. But it could end up killing the goose.

If you want to convince, you also have to speak AGAINST your case

February 26, 2012

If you want to persuade someone to do what you want, also speak openly about the alternatives – maybe the opposite of what you desire.

Say you’re asking your boss to fund a major project you’ve been working on. You want his approval badly. Otherwise months of work are for nothing.

The temptation is to concentrate single-mindedly on the reasons why he should approve. It goes against the grain to talk down your own case.

But you have to. Evoke the possibility that the project would be taken no further – to save money or avoid the risk of failure. Talk about other projects which could be given priority.

If you don’t bring these negatives up, he certainly will. He may wait until the end, and throw you on to the back foot with a torrent of objections. You’ll have lost the initiative.

Talking openly about the alternatives shows you are open-minded, not just selfishly playing to your own interests. It shows you can be realistic and objective. It gives you the opportunity to anticipate objections and deal with them in your own way.

It’s tough to speak about unpalatable alternatives openly, but once you’ve spilled them out, you can move on to the powerful reasons why your way is right after all. It’ll sound more convincing.

Good luck.

IABC grows in Switzerland

June 22, 2009

The IABC now counts 61 members in the Swiss chapter. Two years ago it was 30.

On June 11, we held our first chapter event in Basel, a networking dinner attended by 15 members.

Amy Stapleton is the new chapter Board Members responsible for events in Basel.

Got ideas for events, speakers, other activities? All suggestions welcome.

Marcus Ferrar

IABC – International Association of Business Communicators – 16,000 members worldwide – click here

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