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So much for ebooks

May 23, 2014

Kansas City Public Library


This picture of Kansas City Public Library demonstrates that …

1. Some public authorities feel it worthwhile to invest in well-appointed public libraries.

2. Real books are alive and kicking. Not just ebooks.

Question: So why are many public authorities closing down public libraries to save costs, arguing that “they all read ebooks now”?

Answer: they are ignorant, philistine cheapskates. Or more politely … they have misjudged.

SPECIAL OFFER – A Foot In Both Camps – ebook at only 99p, $1.99, €1.99

December 15, 2012

A Foot In Both Camps

A Foot In Both Camps: A German Past For Better And For Worse, by Marcus Ferrar, is available as an ebook for only               99p, $1.99 and €1.99 in a year-end special offer. Valid until 15 January 2013.

Since launch this summer, the book has enjoyed excellent reviews and feedback. This is what readers have said:

not just good but brilliant
… made tears sting the backs of my eyes – a wonderful and moving book
… eloquent, thought-provoking and remarkably reflective
… a passionate, fluent and deeply insightful book
… quite exceptionally good – and very moving
… an absorbing and uplifting story told in fine style
… one of the best books about Germany
… the perfect introduction for anyone visiting the country for the first time
… unputdownable
… very satisfying both intellectually and emotionally
… this book is unique … easy-to-read

Also available in paperback. Publisher LBLA digital. ISBN: 978-10908879-08-0

Where are the books in the English Public Library?

February 28, 2010

Staying with friends, I looked into the Public Library of Great Missenden, a well-to-do settlement on the outskirts of London, and was taken aback to note how few books there were.

Plenty of videos, dvds and magazines, but not many books to read. This strikes me as a supine surrender to a passing trend. Yes, people like visual information, but that is already available all over the place.

Please stiffen your spines, English. You are guardians of one of the world’s great languages. If Public Libraries are not where one finds books, where can one? And what future for any real English culture, if you abandon the written English word?

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