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Apricot jam – let it run

July 4, 2009

As everybody knows, apricots are ripe and it’s time to drop everything and swing into jam production. The goal: golden sunshine from a pot the whole year round.

I am on the Slovenian Adriatic coast, so the recipe of my wife’s aunt from Maribor is the one to use. My wife is project leader, sugarer and stirrer. I am cutter, rum-spreader and screwer.

The Maribor aunt sets a punishing regime. First find apricots which are just ripe. Ours are from the local market and are grown five kilometres down the coast. I know the spot.

Then wash, stone and cut vast numbers into just the right size of pieces for later spreading. Weigh them carefully to judge the sugar amount, add a dose of pectin, cook for ages, test the runniness to take off the stove just in time, wash the jars, sterilise them in the oven, fill them, wipe the rims, sterilise the screw caps with rum, and screw them on. Put the jars upside down in the oven for 10 minutes to complete the hermetic sealing. And wipe the sweat from the your brow.

Skip any of these steps and you risk having stringy lumps, juice all over the place and mould under the lids. Not even worth passing off to friends.

As it is, we have pots of pristine jam stretching as far as the eye can see. 10 hours work, in three shifts. Apricots are demanding task-masters.

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