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Man landing on Moon 40 years ago – seems like yesterday

July 18, 2009

I feel as I were there (except I wasn’t). I remember where I was when the television showed the blurred pictures of the American astronauts stepping down on to the Moon. I was a young Reuters correspondent in Paris, manning the office late in the evening and wondering why I was not on the big story.

I was young, the world was changing, I was growing up fast, and landing on the Moon was one of those exciting things which kept on occurring. After the Moon, no doubt something else.

Now 40 years have passed, and nobody has traveled to the Moon for a long time. It fascinates nobody, is on nobody’s radar screen. Watching the television pictures of the landing is just one of those many things I did long ago. Some great, others mediocre and the odd thing I feel slightly ashamed of.

Landing on the Moon even begins to sound like one of those old war stories – no doubt hairy for those involved, but of concern to us today? Not much.

Anybody out there feel thrilled by all this?

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