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Working hard for A FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS

February 28, 2013


Attending a weekly lecture on European statesmen, I tell some of the audience I’ve just published a new book A FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: A GERMAN PAST FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE. As it happens, I have a few copies in my briefcase.

One woman wants to buy it, “but I just don’t have money with me.” Surprising how many people go out only with change for the bus. When she hears it’s just £7.99, it turns out she can pay, and does! Thank you.

Another woman buys one, and pays on the dot. Her friend says she wants one too, “but I don’t have the money with me.”

“You can share mine when I’ve finished,” says her friend.

“No need!” I cry, sensing the trap. “Here, take one now, I’ll sign it. Give me the money next week.”

Finally, a man sidles up and asks me to sign another copy. Before I can ask, he says: “Second-hand, I’m afraid. Got it from Oxfam.”

I think: it’s only just come out, so that was a quick read, or even worse, perhaps not a read at all. Perish the thought. I sign up cheerfully, glad that Oxfam can make a turn from my writings to care for the downtrodden masses.

Next week, back into the fray with another briefcase of books. It’ll be Helmut Kohl. I’m loving this.

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