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So much for ebooks

May 23, 2014

Kansas City Public Library


This picture of Kansas City Public Library demonstrates that …

1. Some public authorities feel it worthwhile to invest in well-appointed public libraries.

2. Real books are alive and kicking. Not just ebooks.

Question: So why are many public authorities closing down public libraries to save costs, arguing that “they all read ebooks now”?

Answer: they are ignorant, philistine cheapskates. Or more politely … they have misjudged.

Sign the petition to re-open Friern Barnet Library

December 8, 2012

I am chairman of the Friends of Summertown Library in Oxford.

In 2011, we campaigned and won our battle to save our Library, which the local council announced it would shut down.

Meanwhile, other councils across the country continue to slash away at Public Libraries in order to balance their budgets, making learning, knowledge and culture pay the price.

Friends in the Friern and Barnet area have asked me to sign a petition to re-open their Library, closed last April by their local council and and due to be sold off.

I signed the petition myself, and invite you to do so too. Let’s show solidarity to others defending the same values as ours.

Thank you.

Library once condemned for closure flourishes after modernisation

February 20, 2012

Oxford’s Summertown Public Library, condemned to disappear only a year ago, is not only reprieved but is looking smarter than ever. It’s been given a makeover which has made it brighter and more convivial. There are self-service check-in machines and bright new bookshelves which can be moved aside to create a meeting space.

Oxfordshire County Council, which just over a year ago announced it would close the Library, not only reversed its decision but found modest funds to modernise.

The Friends of Summertown Library, who a year ago were staging noisy demonstrations by mothers and children outside County Hall, contributed campaign funds to finance furniture for a popular new Readers’ Corner.

Not only did the community triumph over cultural vandalism, but cooperation replaced confrontation. Or, as they put it in one of those library books, swords were turned into ploughshares.


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