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Working on my new book … The Fight For Freedom

May 9, 2014

Not much time for blogging, as I am writing, writing, writing. Here’s the book I am working on:

19.3.2014 cover FFF - iPad cover (3)

Ashamed of Swiss vote

November 29, 2009

Today Swiss voted to ban minarets. I am British by birth, and also have Swiss nationality through naturalisation. I have lived in Switzerland for 27 years, climbed the Matterhorn, roamed through the mountains from one end of the country to the other, and identify with most of the Swiss way of life. My first wife, who died 17 years ago, was Swiss. I have loved this country, but today I must say I am ashamed that my compatriots have voted to ban minarets. I acknowledge the democratic decision. But I exercise my right to say I am totally opposed to it. It is bigoted, intolerant and inhuman. I express solidarity to the many Muslims who contribute to Swiss society through high ethical standards, and I pledge to do what I democratically can to reverse this decision.

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