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The biggest tweeters of all

July 3, 2009

On the internet, everbody is talking about who twitters and tweets the most. I can tell you: it’s the crazy swallows around the Slovenian Adriatic village of Izola.

Morning and evening, they swoop at phemonenal speeds among the rooftops. They fly in gangs of a dozen. And they tweet. In full throat, excitedly, loudly and non-stop for a couple of hours or so.

Sometimes a group flies straight at me on the balcony, like in one of those war films, then swoops steeply upwards a couple of metres before my face, corkscrews over the rooftops and comes round for another run.

As they approach, the sounds builds up like an approaching plane, hitting me with a huge shrill tweet as they whizz past.

Where do they get the energy to propel their tiny frames? My experience of the animal world suggests such frenetic excitement has to do with food or mating. At such speeds, I don’t see much food getting into their gullets. A few go off in couples, so I guess it is mating. The males chasing the females, showing off and boasting. The females enjoying the chase, and remaining faithful to no one.

Red hot and lusty, they are like teenage motor-cycle gangs. But more stylish and charming. Keep waking me up a 6 a.m. I love your tweeting.

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