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Mohammed is the third most popular name for newborns in Oxfordshire

January 10, 2014

Oxfordshire may be the essence of Englishness, but in November Mohammed was the third most popular name for newborns in the county.

I gleaned this nugget of information on a visit to register my mother’s death. Her array of German names was also a little out of the ordinary, I must admit.

Oxford’s royalist traditions are not yet dead however. William came top and Harry level-pegged with Mohammed.

Diamond Jubilee: Charles will be King, that’s decided

June 6, 2012

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has used the huge up-swelling of popular acclaim over the past four days of her Diamond Jubilee to lay down that her son Charles will succeed her as King, with grandson William coming afterwards.

Britain’s monarchy is hereditary, so according to custom Charles should succeed anyway. But he is not so popular as either the Queen or William. There has been a movement afoot to exclude Charles and go straight to William.

The Queen made clear what she wished by choosing only six other members of the Royal Family to be in close attendance during the Jubilee celebrations, in which millions of Britons roared their approval for her reign of 60 years.

On the balcony of Buckingham Palace yesterday, Charles stood to the right of the Queen. That demonstrated he was her chosen successor. On the left was William. Left means he is deemed suitable as the next King but one, but not just now.

With Charles was allowed to stand his second wife, Camilla, approved of as a safe pair of hands – unlike first wife Diana, who the Queen clearly saw as disruptive, and showed her opinion by refraining from public mourning for many days when she died in 1997.

With William could stand his new wife, Catherine, seen to have proved herself as a suitable consort by her comportment over the past year.

A notable inclusion was younger grandson Harry. He had a reputation as a boorish tearaway, but is judged to have redeemed himself by military service in Afghanistan and a successful, heart-winning tour of the Caribbean and Brazil earlier this year. So he is in reserve, and completes a core team that combines tradition with modernity.

The Queen cut a lonely figure yesterday, as the sixth person in her immediate entourage, her 90-year-old husband Philip, had to pull out of the celebrations and go to hospital . The Queen herself is 86, and her canny moves to determine her succession may be her last truly significant act of monarchy.

It will be difficult for anybody to challenge the huge popular plebiscite she obtained for her wishes these last four days. This may prove to be one of the most influential acts of her reign.

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