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Why the English are quiet just now

October 1, 2011

Not heard a word out of England recently? That’s because the most brilliant of continent summers has descended on this blessed isle. Nothing to grumble about. Everyone out picnicking, barbecuing, strolling in light dresses and shirtsleeves, and bus drivers are singing. 27 c for most of this week and I write this on 1st October. Plus, it’s a bumper year for apples, pears and everything. There they are in huge bunches, red and chubby against the deep blue sky.  Time for drinks on the lawn.

Britons reluctant to go to war, complains minister. Quite right too.

January 14, 2010

British Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell complained in a speech yesterday of a growing public resistance to use of military power. Small wonder, in view of the limited success of Britain’s costly military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s not a question of being “risk-averse, cynical and introverted,” as the minister put it, but rather of a healthy scepticism whether wars really do any good. Britons should be proud of their reluctance to go to war unless absolutely necessary.

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